Tunga Reads for iOS is the first early learning app by award-winning educational developer CCI. Accessible to all ages, but designed primarily for children under 7 years, Tunga Reads develops spelling and vocabulary skills with highly engaging game play featuring a lovable chameleon named Tunga on a quest for food (and spelling greatness!).

Players help Tunga get his fill of all manner of flying and crawling cartoon bugs, each of which carries a letter that may (or may not) be required to complete a target word. Players select letters to complete the target words by dragging Tunga's sticky tongue out to slurp up insects in the correct order and before time runs out on the clock! As Tunga eats, his green color turns to brilliant shades of blue, orange and red, but make too many mistakes and Tunga will go hungry!

Only available for iPad



Tunga, the chameleon, is hungry and needs your help to catch his favorite food… flying bugs!!! Yum!!! You can help Tunga catch the bugs by finding the right letters to make words. Tunga is counting on you and his tummy is starting to rumble…!


Use your finger to choose your settings from the Options Menu. Selected options light up in orange.


In the Single Player mode (the default mode), you will begin on the first Jungle level, but you can unlock new levels as you spell more words.


When Tunga, the hungry chameleon, has reached his favorite spot on the tree branch, flying bugs appear carrying letters. You will see a group of letters at the bottom of the screen that need at least one more letter to make a word.

Which of the letters that the bugs are carrying can complete a word?

Touch Tunga’s mouth and his tongue will appear. Drag out the tongue to catch the bug that carries the letter that you think is correct. Be sure to grab the bug, not the letter! Once Tunga slurps up the delicious bug, the letter will float down into the word. If your choice was correct, you will hear the word read aloud. Then you can use Tunga’s tongue to grab a bug with another letter to make a new word. Get this second one right, and a happy Tunga will change from green to blue!

If you were wrong, Tunga will turn gray and you’ll start over.

For every two correct letters that you choose, Tunga will change to a new color and you’ll get closer to the next level!

But be careful! The fewer mistakes you make and faster you finished each level, the more points you get! Don’t be afraid to keep playing to beat your previous high score!

The higher the level, the harder it gets! Pretty soon, there will be new creepy crawlies that try to block Tunga’s way and sneaky letter thieves that steal away letters if you don’t move fast enough! Be sure to replace the stolen letters first before doing anything else or you will run out of time!

If you complete all the levels by yourself, you can always challenge your friends and family in two-player mode or change your Option settings (skill level and/or time options) to make it even more of a challenge.


  • 30 awesome levels of tongue-twisting slurpy actions
  • Colorful scenery and charming animated characters
  • Practice with hundreds of age-appropiate vocabulary words
  • 2-player vs. simutaneous competition mode lets you play against a friend or parent
  • Amazing theme music and sound FX
  • No in-app purchases
  • No annoying advertising

For Parents and Educators

Tunga Reads is a reading app for iPad, designed for 3- to 7-year-old children. The app "disguises" in a fun, engaging game practice for reading increasingly more complex words. The content of the game was designed following a research-based phonics sequence that supplies first words with letter combinations that are regular and slowly progresses through the levels to more complex and irregular letter patterns.

Tunga Reads is an iPad app designed to engage young children as they learn to read words. Children will first play for fun, and as they learn and grow they will realize that reading the words and finding the correct letter combinations allows them to "beat the game" and complete levels more quickly. Each level unlocks series of words that are phonetically more complex to read. English-language learners will also benefit from this educational app by learning how to read and pronounce the words as they are completed.



Want a free test-drive of Tunga? Check Tunga Reads Lite, the free version, featuring 10 awesome levels of word-making fun!

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Download now!

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Developed by: Curriculum Concepts International (CCI)
Game Concept: Josh Powe
Project Director: Candy Rodó
Educational Content: Colleen Jones
Art: Escletxa (www.escletxa.com)
Engineering: Nigel Grange
Additional Programming: Joan Teruel
Voice Over: Molly Malcolm
Music: Ramón Rodó